Youth Center/Cultivation Academy

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GPYC was founded in 1993 as a nonprofit organization. The Youth Center develops and conducts outdoor youth programs. It also operates the Cultivation Academy, which runs from grade 6 to 12, as a private secondary school. Currently securing 160 acres of land, We are building school campuses and youth camps.

Cultivation Academy Class Models:
Magnet Class
A year-round, open enrollment class designed for students who are 18 or younger.
It is facilitated with predetermined schedules, at designated locations. Magnet class focuses on character education.

Alternative Class
For those who are 18 years of age of older, employed, have significant personal or work obligation, and adults wishing to complete high school.

Class without wall
A class that transcends age, time, and locale restrictions by offering via internet/ mail classes.

Mobile Class
One year contract program designed to facilitate room and board with specialized character development programs. This program will be conducted in different locations

Open Class
It is designed to facilitate students who are in need of academic credits only. Homeschooling students can register and prove student status. Parents can register as their child’s teacher

Intensive Class
Intensive Program is designed to accelerate students who are 25 years old or over in achieving their school diploma. Intensive Program runs for six weeks in which teachers will instruct with our customized course materials.

Summer Class
Various programs developed to utilize summer break.


Green Pastures
Youth Center
Cultivation Academy
Wildness Ranch & Enrichment Camp

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